Plan de Alfabetización Tecnológica de Extremadura
  • Organisation
  • Spanish
  • Spain
  • Europe
  • Non-governmental organisation (NGO); association; foundation/charitable organisation; community organisation (e.g. youth club)
  • Public institutions in informal education (e.g. telecentres; public adult education centres; libraries)
  • Information (e.g. searchable database; news function)
  • Learning content (e.g. Open Educational Resources such as MOOCs)
  • Cooperative spaces and social networking
  • Information
  • Trainings; courses; seminars; workshops
  • Conferences; summits etc.
  • Work experience; traineeships; internships
  • Networking
  • Yes; all activities are free of charge.
  • 10.000 - 100.000 people
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The Digital Literacy Plan of Extremadura is a network of the Regional Government of Extremadura. It is managed by AUPEX (a non-profit organization for adult education) We works for sensitization, information and training of citizens in digital skills. Nowadays, we are working in more than 70 telecentres, coordinated with the Extremadura Service of Public Employment helping each other and sharing resources.
Themes: Youth employment Digital skills Entrepreneurship I-LINC Publications GOW17 THEMES: Digital skills Entrepreneurship Youth employment Learning