GOW17 - Team Dortmund: 2 new training courses

The students of Rehabilitation Science of Technical University of Dortmund offered two new courses during the Get Online Week 2017.

The course "Media as a part of children daily grind – tips for parents on media use in families" was addressed to parents with children aged from about 6 to 12 years old.

The main goal was to make parents aware of risks and chances with the daily use of digital media in the daily family life, in positive and negatives ways. In this context, the Dortmund team also showed child-friendly apps and methods for a responsible use of media and tried them together.

About 10 parents participated in each of our 90-minute workshop. Most adults gave a positive feedback and were happy to get new knowledge in this theme, because not everyone was able to handle media responsibly in their family.

Media, through the years, has become a large part of our daily life, for example in schools, families and at work, which also can cause problems. That is why most of the present teachers and parents liked the workshop and left it with a good feeling.

The second course was devoted to "Language learning applications for refugees in classes". The staff visited four schools in Dortmund and one in Gelsenkirchen to offer the course. The size of the course was between four and ten participants and consisted of showing German learning applications (= apps) for refugees. The aim was to facilitate the classes by working with apps.

At first the trainers presented the theoretical background of the training, therefore showed the participants advantages and disadvantages of working with aps in classes. After establishing some criteria to pick out the right app for the class, the team presented three German learning apps: "Ankommen", "HalloDeutsch" and "DaFür". Then participants tested the apps for thirty minutes and wrote down their impressions. Later the group all together discussed the results.

Lastly, the active part consisting of working in groups started. In groups, the participants created a didactic concept for the class, which involved the commitment of German learning apps and usual materials for class. Afterwards the participants presented their results in group.p>

All the staff got positive feedback, since they inspired a lot of people to work with German learning apps in classes with refugees.

In total the project was a great success, and we were happy to take part in the Get Online Week.

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