September is the month of entrepreneurship in I-LINC !

During the month of September, Entrepreneurship will be the focus of the activities of the I-LINC platform. We strongly invite you to participate to at least one of our activities.

What is entrepreneurship?

In 2012, the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship Education defined it like so:

Entrepreneurship is when you act upon opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural, or social.

I-LINC promotes entrepreneurship in its broader sense: not only as the ability to create and maintain and enterprise, but as a competence that can be applied to all fields of life. With this perspective in mind, I-LINC fosters an encompassing idea of entrepreneurial education.

What is new on I-LINC in the month of September?

During the month of September 2017, several actions will be carried out in I-LINC to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education. We are listing them here, be ready to be enganged!

If you are a young person, we would like to challenge you. During the month of September (and until the end of October) we encourage you to participate to the 5 euros challenge, an entrepreneurial learning activity on how to generate money out of an initial investment. Then, the Selfie Entrepreneur competition is back! Now at its second edition, the competition addresses both young people and entrepreneurs. Browse through the interviews to entrepreneurs to find suggestions on how to become entrepreneurial, and share your selfie.

If you are a teacher or educator, you might want to have a look at EntreLearn, the entrepreneurial learning toolkit collecting over 65 lesson ideas. During the month of September, the toolkit – now only available in English – will be released in Spanish. On 12 September Paz Fernández de Vera will host a Webinar titled "Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in your classroom". If you are in Bologna on 16 September, we would like to invite you to this workshop on emotions and entrepreneurship targeted at teachers. Whether if you are an eTwinning teacher, you can join our learning event on Entrepreneurial Learning across all subjects (from 11 to 22 September). 

We also have two active communities that might be of interest for you: one on entrepreneurship, one for entrepreneurial teachers. To access them and take part in the conversations, or have access to the resources, please register.

Not sure yet if entrepreneurship is for you? Then, go to our homepage and take the entrepreneurship test. You might be surprised about the results.

We hope that your month of September will be as rich and engaged as ours. 


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