Luxembourg students learn about ICT advances in Hanover

Nearly 200 students along with 16 teachers of this year's LGL (Lycée de Garçons Luxembourg) visited CeBit (Center for Office Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunications) in Hanover. The trip was part of the programme encouraging the promotion of IT and technology sector professions to young people. It was initiated by a group of Luxembourg ICT decision-makers, led by Roger Lampach, CEO of LuxConnect SA.

The target of the "CeBIT 2017" project was to encourage entrepreneurship among young people and the preparing for digital careers of tomorrow.

The project was supported by LIDIT, and Lucien André Reuter, the LINC Digital Changemaker of Luxembourg, accompanied one of the groups of students through the world fair.


It was a long but very interesting day for the students, which began as early as 5 am at the airport in Luxembourg and ending with the return flight at 10 pm.

The trip to Hannover provided tangible evidence of the wave of digitalization sweeping the economy and society.

Techie highlights of the visit included drones, which can be used to inspect industrial plant and equipment, autonomous guided and self-driving vehicles; and the extent to which the Internet of Things is already a reality was illustrated by a range of impressive showcases. Different companies informed the students about career opportunities and the needed skills to be successful in the professional life of tomorrow.


by Lucien Andre Reuter, LIDIT and House of Training

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