Improving digital opportunities for young people

During the Get Online Week 2017 in Italy, Cooperativa sociale Open Group  organised a workshop on empowering young people to use internet and to present themselves in the most efficient way in order to enter the job market.

The workshop was facilitated by an I-LINC Digital Changemaker Charles Antony Nkotpak, a volunteer at Youngle Project, and hosted a dozen of young Italian graduates in various fields, all willing to improve their ICT knowledge and their general digital skills in order to find a job or to become entrepreneurs.

Digitalisation is changing the world of work, it has open the ground for new form of work organization. In addition, it is reducing demand for routine and manual tasks while increasing demand for low and high skilled tasks and for problem-solving and interpersonal competences.

The workshop started with the question "What am I good at doing?", thus we discussed the interpersonal competences (the so-called soft skills) and then passing through academic competences (hard skills), we have analyzed and understood the skills request changes in the job market.

Finally, different resources were presented:

- platform where they can take online free courses (coursera)

- platforms where they can test themselves on their digital skills or how employable they are (Skillage, YouRock

- I-LINC Community.


Charles Antony Nkotpak, Volunteer at Youngle Project

Country: Europe
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