Great GOW in Dortmund University!


The Get Online Week 2017 is officially over. It was a very exciting and successful week for all the courses in Dortmund, organised by the group of students led by I-LINC Digital Changemaker Sophie Dietz. Here is an overview of the two courses:

‘'Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat - but safe''

During the GOW the course took place 11 times and reached in total over 120 people. It was addressed to seniors, pupils, and people with disability.

For the seniors the most important information about the social networks was how to get started (how to create an account) and then how to use privacy settings in order to protect their private information. Therefore, Dortmund staff focused on Facebook. The participants had a lot of questions and were really interested in young people's personal experience with social networks. They were really impressed by all the possibilities that  Facebook had to offer and how it could help to stay in touch with friends, family or people with same interests. After the course, the participants said that they knew about Facebook functions and were less afraid to use social networks.

For the pupils and people with disability Sophie and her team mainly focused on privacy settings and how to use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in a safe way. Almost all the participants were already signed in on Facebook and had basic skills. Few had a profile on Instagram and Snapchat. Yet, many of them didn't know how to make their photos and information private. They talked about that and by doing so, we tried to sensibilize our participants on what kind of photos they want to upload and what kind rather not. A big topic for the participants was ‘'Cybermobbing''. Many participants had experiences with cybermobbing, either themselves were a victim or they know someone who got cyber mobbed. The staff showed the possibilities to react to cybermobbing and how to protect themselves.

"Media Literacy – The Toolbox for the Future"

The staff and the students have been dealing with internet research. The team showed the students how to search independently for job opportunities, flats, flat shares and for clinics on the internet. Moreover, they explained what you should not post on social media and which negative consequences some posts could have.

For all topics, there were different tasks that the participants had to work on. Some tasks have been solved by the participants in individual work or in group work with the other participants and others have been worked together as a group.

Each participant received the course content on a CD, hoping that the participants will be able to use the contents of the course in the future.

For Dortmund staff the GOW was a great experience to get in touch with all their participants and to share their knowledge and experiences with social networks. They are proud to be a part of an empowerment movement that aims to help many people to gain digital skill and hope that all participants of the GOW were pleased with that hard work.


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