GOW17 is over, but the challenge continues

During the Get Online Week 2017 campaign in Czechia we discovered that digital literacy directly correlates with the internet safety. Children and young people more educated in the field of online media and the internet use easier avoid different online threads, understand fake news and are more capable to protect themselves online.

Recent studies also confirm - there is a direct correlation between level of education in families and digital literacy of children, i.e. children of more educated parents have better digital skills. On the other hand - more skilful children are able to influence the behaviour and even educate their parents. It is a two-way road.

That is why Vera Mikusova - the Czech young digital changemaker tries to continue her work in the direction of addressing children in schools to empower them to communicate with parents. 

An example of it is a series of workshops called One world in schools organized in cooperation with the People in Need Association.

During the workshop a movie Children online  was discussed with young participants with the objective to encourage them to talk with their parents about the digital life of young people and problems as well as challenges children see there.

Of course, addressing pupils in schools remains our main challenge but we are always looking for opportunities how to involve parents and initiate the dialogue in families.

And children? They are open-minded and ready to to help their parents to understand better what they consider interesting in the cyberspace.


Vera visited 8 schools to discuss the e-Skills and online safety with children (in total about 240 pupils and 8 teachers), organised 1 training for parents (17 people) and 5 presentations in the frame of the One World campaign (for ca 800 children and young people). In total, during GOW, Vera have worked with 1052 children and young people and 25 teachers and parents.

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