GOW17 in Estonia: Awareness raising through the vlog contest

Get Online Week 2017 in Estonia was organised by the Estonian Smart Work Association, NPO Robotex, Look@World Foundation and Tallinn's Central Library.

Previous Get Online Week editions and our work in general demonstrated that the youth in Estonia, similar to the rest of our population, is very tech savvy and familiar with the rules of internet safety. Therefore, during this year's Get Online Week we focused our attention on the future of IT education and technology in general. The topic of this year's vlog competition Smart YouTuber 2017 was Robots.

Technology is developing rapidly. Seeing and interacting with robots in our day to day life is not a question of distant future. Even today you can see the Starship delivery robots doing test runs in the streets of Tallinn and San Fransisco. But the conflict between humanity and machines depicted in the movie Matrix seems to be quite far off.

Young YouTubers already use different technological possibilities to their full advantage and they will be the inhabitants of the future world where robots will play a much more significant role than they do today. Therefore, we asked them what are their thoughts on robots? Are they our enemies or allies? What use could there be in an interest in robotics?

The aim of the competition was to turn the attention of young vloggers to developments in technology and contemplate if those developments have beneficial or detrimental effects on humanity. Educational robotics is a growing field in Estonia. It is developed to attract young students to choose IT subject as their field of study and give a practical aim to science taught in schools.


The participants had many interesting ideas to share on robots and robotics and they demonstrated that as young vloggers they are extremely observant and interested in technological developments. Carrying the legacy of last years competition all of the vloggers relied on the rules of internet safety in their vlogs.


by Ave Laas, Smart Work Association

Country: Europe
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