I-LINC Webinar "Fab Labs and the Maker movement – how can they support entrepreneurial skills?" by Massimo Menichinelli, FabLab Barcelona, on 25th September 3pm.

In the past decade the Maker term has emerged as the identification of a new kind of work and community: people who design and manufacture artifacts with both digital and physical dimensions in collaborative places and processes. Fab Labs are especially important for their focus on digital fabrication and on how it enables global and local collaboration everywhere. How could Fab Labs and the Maker movement change the economy and the society, especially by changing both work practices and the related educational opportunities for it? Massimo Menichinelli from FabLab Barcelona and fablab.io project manager will elabourate how fablabs and the maker movement can support entrepreneurial skills.

Presenter: Massimo Menichinelli, FabLab Barcelona.

Massimo is part of the EU funded reserach project "Make-IT - Understanding Collective Awareness Platforms with the Maker Movement"

Moderator: Dr. Bastian Pelka, TUDO


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Country: Europe
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