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Since 2012, Albanian Institute of Science (AIS) has been organizing Get Online Week in Albania. We are happy to see that every year there is more and more interest regarding IT and ICT.

In Albania, information on ICT is still very scarce and availably mainly in big cities; and that is what we together with our partners are trying to change. Because of the limited access of Interent (even in the rural areas near Tirana you can have difficulties accessing Internet), the cost of Interent and the lack of information, a part of youth in Albania does not have any kind of information on employment opportunities and forms of ICT sectors.

That is why AIS organized two meetings with last year students of Ismail Qemali High School in Tirana. As these students will be choosing their University Studies in the end of this school year, we informed them that there are more and more ICT jobs available, and explained to them what these jobs are, what skills are required, and how they can improve their skills. The main purpose of these meetings was to show them the benefits of having good digital skills in the most of the today's career profiles and also to encourage them to specialize in ICT and Computer Sciences. We also discussed about their opportunities to be trained for a job in the  IT sector, where they can work and how could perform a job online. 

Shpend Palushi is one of the students who has participated in Get Online Week Albania for 3 years. He is very happy for the information he has gained at the events.  He has finished some online courses and he has also taken a test on Skillage and he likes his result of 85 %. His experience was a motivation also for his friends and other students who took part in the meeting. He expresses his will to be part of GOW Albania in the next years.

AIS also organized a workshop with ICT students and civil activists in Albania, who are part of Garazh and Oficina communities. This workshop focused on how to use eServices that are being offered by Albanian Government and how we can improve them. This workshop was very useful for us as we are an organization focused on Open Data as for our partner communities that usually suffer from Governmental Administration bureaucracy and lack of transparency.

Another AIS event together with Mirdita Development Foundation was a workshop with children of the elementary school in Rrëshen, Albania. The main focus of this workshop was to show youngsters the power of the Internet and how they could be safe using it. We showcased some of the main risks they can have using Internet and how they can protect themselves from being a victim of Internet lack of safety. Also we discussed on the opportunities that are offered to young people to be trained online, in particular, we made a presentation on HP-Life e-learning, recognizing the possibility of making online training free of charge and can benefit knowledge and a certificate. Referring to the economy of majority Albanian families, the fact that Hp-Life e-learning is free of charge, attracted the attention of these young students.

Rejvi Biba, one of the young students in Rrëshen, was very grateful and happy for the information he received. He wants to be an architect in the future and is looking to take an architectural online course(coursera).

The purpose of these activities was to aid young people to build a strong career based digital skills, develop their professional lives and raise their awareness on the issue of online safety. Part of this workshop was also Edona Daci, a young entrepreneur originally from Rrëshen, co-founder of (, a portal gathering information of fellowships, trainings, job positions and different competitions Albanians can apply. Edona was  there not only to present these possibilities, one of the few offered in Albanian language, but also as a history of success to motivate them.

Get Online Week in Albania had a very good impact. Today young people are more aware of the opportunities offered and how they can benefit from them. Having connected with these youngsters, now we are trying to involve them in other projects in the field of ICT. We believe that among these youngsters, in the future there will be good programmers, designers and other IT specialists.


by Besjana Hysa, AIS

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