7 telling indications that learning web development is the need of the hour

The web development is a vast field that refers to everything that falls under the development of website for the internet and the intranet. With the emergence of so many small, medium-sized and large businesses, daily hundreds and thousands of website are developed for business promotion purposes. The online sales are gaining market shares and around 80% of the customers who plan to buy in-store, end up shopping via the e-commerce websites. This is how the task of developing website is gaining momentum. It is has become the indispensable need of the hour and its time that majority of the people consider it seriously!

Here are the top seven telling indications that determine the need of learning website development in the present era:


  1. It is a future-proof professional choice

We are dwelling in the epoch of twenty-first century and it's time to consider the career choices that seem to excel in the coming years. One of such career choices is to learn website development. This covers content management, website designing, ensuring high-security of the customer's data, client's satisfaction and a lot more. According to the research, by the end of 2020 around 1.4 million computing jobs would be available and only 400,000 qualified developers would be there to fill these job posts. Thus, it seems like investing your time and effort in the courses of learning web development will eventually pay off, right? It surely is a future-proof professional choice as the era of digitalization has just begin, innovative techniques and trends are at its peak, and not by any chance is web development going to go out of business.


  1. The web is your worldwide digital marketing platform

Digital marketing has emerged as an amazing source of driving more traffic and attracting customers to the in-stores and the online stores. According to Adobe, 76% of people think marketing has evolved more in the past two years that it did in the past half-century. It is definitely changing at a meteoric rate and it is able to do that because of the availability of the web!

Learning web development increases your chances to allow digital marketing. Even the advertising companies in Dubai are eager to hire designers and developers who have know-how of how to run the web. This helps in enhancing the performance of the advertising and marketing platform. The web today is advanced enough to drive sales and promote the businesses. It is the web and search engines like Google that dominate the web and introduce various algorithms. The digital marketers then follow these rules and cater their marketing strategies according to the latest web developments.  


  1. Businesses are making an impact on the customers via their online presence

Another telling indication of learning web development is the fact that businesses are dominating over the customers with the help of their online presence. The online presence is ensured in the following ways:

  • Via the official websites:

The developers are building the websites with great user-experience, good navigation, and friendly design. They keep in mind the template and themes that help drive more traffic. By facilitating the customers/ viewers through the website, they help maintain their online brand image. Moreover, the e-commerce websites and their developing software are launched every now and then. This ensures the high potential that the website development possesses.

  • Via the social media web/ mobile apps

The social media has made the community more social than ever. The web social apps and the mobile apps are involving the customers in each and every decision and news update that they launch. The users are following the brand pages and web development is speeding up.

  • Mobile-responsive websites:



This is another indication that favors the idea of learning website development. There was a time when web was used only through the desktop but now, the viewers can access it through smartphones and digital devices as well. This has increased the demand of molding the website development in favor of the websites that work well on mobile devices. Thus, making way for website developers to learn how to do it!


  1. It allows you to extend your roots into AI, machine learning and other tech

The latest technology like the artificial intelligence, machine learning and the use of chatbots, blockchain and robotic devices have left us enthralled. It's time to actively integrate these technologies into the web development process and increase the business's revenue obtained via the sale. To do this, it is important to learn the basics of web development and advance slowly through the process. Thus, the advanced technologies and the advantages that they offer a business industry is one of the telling indications to learn web development.


  1. The immense possibilities of innovation never end

Last we heard, the blockchain tech was on the run, websites were installed with helpful and user-friendly chatbots, the AI applications were helping understand customer's behavior and Big Data (through the trend is at its verge to end) was helping analyze the data. Other than this, minimalistic website design, presence of white spaces, high-quality written and visual content, and many other innovative website design and development trends were in use. This suggests that the profession of website development comes with never-ending growth. Every now and then, new trends are going to emerge and developers will work hard to implement them. The creativity of the field is never going to die and so this ensures that learning web development will be fruitful!


  1. High salary and freelancing opportunities for the developer

The branding agency Dubai shares that they often hire freelancing web developers and designers to ask them about the suitability and accountability of their latest branding idea in accordance with its implementation on the web. Not only they have to pay them a wholesome amount for this service but they also hire such individuals for regular consultation. It helps a lot and keeps even the freelancing developers in business.  The freelancers get to enjoy the benefit of freedom of workplace and work time.


  1. 24/7 customer support platform

Running a business/ startup/ small firm website is like imparting the impression of ‘being there' to the customers/ viewers. A good website offers detailed information about the brand and answers the customer's query to facilitate them. Active social media website, email marketing, chatbots on the website; all of these things help to provide 24/7 customer support service which is highly appreciated and exactly what the business firms these days are looking for! Also, the right search engine optimization of the websites implements the voice search feature that adds to the functionality of the website.

Thus, learn to develop websites according to the latest trends and requirements and you'll see how well you'll excel in your profession.


About the autor:

Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Magentodevelopers, elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.


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