Project “YOMAI” - The lack of men in the education sector

Male child-educators and primary school teachers are rare. In the OECD average, only three percent of the early childhood educators are men. An increase of the proportion of the male educators is important, not only because of the shortage of staff in day-care centers. An established action that tries to get men interested in the so called "female fields of work" is, for example, the "Boys Day". A new program that deals with this problem is the project "YOMAI", Young, male and interested in (early) child-education and/or teaching in primary education.

"YOMAI" enables the exchange and evaluation of different approaches and ideas that aim the increase of the proportion of male qualified employees. In particular, the project aims to promote the social recognition of male child-educators and to determine the potential barriers for male trainees. The "YOMAI" consortium, which consists of vocational schools, social partners / work life partners like Kindergarten and primary schools from four European countries, made interviews with male educators and teachers from Finland, Lithuania, Romania and Germany who are working with children at the age between 0 and 10 years. Among other things they were asked what would have to change to make this work-field more popular for (young) men, what their motivation was to work with children, what the most exciting activities on their workplace are and how it feels to be a male educator.

At the end of the project, YouTube-videos were produced that show the everyday work of educators and that summarize the interviews with participants of the "YOMAI" program concerning their (working) experiences. They serve as promotion videos for the professions Educator and Teacher for primary education, especially fitted for (young) men. The videos want to inspire potential male trainees for this field of education.

Picture: YOMAI (Creative Commons)

Country: Europe
Stakeholder: TU Dortmund
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