The Student Talent bank project needs your feedback!

The ST Bank platform is now at its final stage of development and needs your review. The platform hosts a Moodle with resources on entrepreneurial teaching for secondary education. The main aim of the project and the platform is to support educators in fostering entrepreneurial thinking in their students and boosting their engagement in school. Teaching materials are available in the 6 languages of the project.

Teachers from Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, France, Spain and Romania are invited to review the platform, experiment with some of the teaching materials and give feedback. 

Participate in the ST Bank pilot activities and be among the first ones to try out some of the teaching materials offered by the ST Bank online course. The pilot activities are starting in June and finish at the end of September 2019. This is the moment to make sure that all materials are tailored to your teaching needs!
Teachers are also invited to take part in an interactive ‘Challenge jam' workshop, together with their students, in September 2019, organized at the Future Classroom Lab at European Schoolnet (rue de Treves, 61, Brussels).

Have a look at the test platform here:

If you wish to participate in the pilot and/or in the final workshop, please express your interest by writing to 

Country: Europe
Stakeholder: ST Bank Project
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