Working together to better support the 43%

…of Europeans lacking digital skills

On 26 March, ALL DIGITAL and the Lifelong Learning Platform gathered European stakeholders to tackle the burning issue of digital skills and media literacy. 43% of European citizens lack digital skills to be able to fully participate in and benefit from the digital society. How do we work together to support them? What are the best approaches to raise awareness of the importance of digital skills and how to ensure relevant impact. These were the key question that representatives of EU institutions, civil society organisations, education institutions and practitioners came together to discuss at The 43 event as part of the ALL DIGITAL Week.

Laurentiu Bunescu, CEO of ALL DIGITAL, introduced the topic in the context of ALL DIGITAL Week and EU Media Literacy Week and the two host organisations. Watch the video


The speakers and panelists were:

The discussion was moderated by Andrea Parola, European E-Skills Association

Country: Europe
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