The present world of digital transformation is an epoch in the history of thousands of years that have been never ever seen before. The exponential progress of technology, the advent of artificial intelligence, robotic learning, DNA mapping, nanotechnology, IoT, virtual reality, digital marketing and implementation of exceptionally advanced trends by the branding agency Dubai and others throughout the world are mind-blowing. And, so are the other recent phenomenal advancements!

All of these are the screaming proof of the demand for more enthusiastic and capable researchers, employees and businessmen in the field of education. It is the education and the experiential learning that produces graduates with creative approaches and innovative solutions, and this is the type of educational methodology that we need to adopt.  

The present formula of STEM teaching needs a transformation into STEAM (the popular acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). It is a motivating call for making each and every student, enrolled in the schools and colleges, to succeed in his practical life. Only graduates with experiential learning and liquid skills can perform the daring tasks and carry out the innovative solutions of the present digital era.

Though the latest tech-savvy equipment automatically performs hundreds of beneficial tasks, only a creative worker can implement them to make advancement in his specified field. The application of AR/ VR, artificial intelligence, 360-degrees and live videos, and micro-moments in digital marketing strategy is the example of such creative and engaging mind. The shocking results from the study on job growth and workforce's education requirements through the year 2020 by Georgetown University suggest that nearly 5 million jobs will go unfilled owing to the present skill gap. The recent requirement of candidates with liquid skills by the advertising agencies in Dubai further supports this statistic. This demand makes the STEAM education a gateway to future and here are some more ways how it does that:



STEAM skills – the Golden Age's most wanted aptitude

  1. Key to solving the major student's engagement problem

The number one problem that the business industries, digital marketing firms, and technology departments face these days is the lack of employees that can work with skillful insight. Unlike the students of STEM learning, the graduates who follow the course of STEAM learning are capable of engaging with the strict and competitive work situations. They know how to work under pressure and produce beneficial results. This advanced education system engages them in transformative learning. This is a combination of five types of ways of knowing, them being, the relational knowing, cultural knowing, ethical knowing, critical and visionary knowing.

The arts section in this way of learning adds creativity to the plate and engages the student to work better in various situations. Such people know how to deal with the task no matter how many hurdles are there. It is the ‘on-ramp to the STEM for underrepresented students' according to Anne Jolly.

  1. Instills in learners the confidence of ‘how to think'


Another reason why STEAM skills are considered the gateway to future is the fact that it compels the learner to think out of the box. Instead of teaching them what to think, it focuses on the approach of how to think. Well, knowing how to think changes everything, right? Say you are a marketer and you need to come up with a way to make your client's marketing strategy work even in the competitive environment, knowing ‘how to think' gives you the opportunity to experiment with different technology whereas knowing ‘what to think' in a situation keeps you confined within the usual solutions.

Ed Ballard, Ph.D. engineer, from Australian Help share shares his thoughts. He says, "Everyday society is facing new problems and obstacles that stand in the way of progress and it's so important that the young people of today are developing critical thinking skills that will allow them to tackle these problems head-on in an efficient and progressive manner". This is the secret truth of the twenty-first century and steam learning seems to be the only way to fulfill the demands of the era.

  1. Creativity and increases collaboration is ensured

Creativity is fascinating and those who can come up with creative ideas are amazing. Not all of the workers possess the quality of creativity but STEAM skills, with its introduction of arts in regular learning ways, ensures the presence of innovative workers in the future. Also, it increases the collaboration and plants the seeds of liquid skills in the learners. Professor Peter Charles Taylor in his research on the topic ‘Why is STEAM curriculum perspective crucial to the 21st century' covers the idea of liquid skills. He believes that these set of skills allow the graduate to work in a fluid working landscape. This helps them to cope with the working situations that do not yet exist. The liquid skills consist of critical thinking, verbal communication, collaboration, active listening, and active learning. All of these components are considered vital for higher academic and professional achievements.

  1. Enhances the scope of STEM curriculum – a boost in the academic performance

An education study carried out in 2013 stated that integration of liberal arts with science helped in increasing the student's performance in science and mathematics. The credit of this improvement goes to the introduction of problem-based learning via arts. Another event of improved performance in literacy, mathematics and cognitive development due to performing arts was seen in students of The Juilliard School. They introduced performing arts and music learning to their curriculum which participated in improving the academic record of the students as well.

The medical science also backs up the role of arts in enhancing the student's life so much that it even improves their adult life. For instance, learning music increases the blood flow to the brain and its plasticity thus, making the brain receptive to different kinds of challenges. Other art activities affect the brain in a similar stimulating fashion. Therefore, adding arts to the STEM is a productive idea and helps the students cope with professional STEM challenges really well.

  1. Facilitates innovation and economic growth

The fifth way how STEAM acts as a gateway to the future is the fact that it helps the economy of the country to grow. The House Resolution 319 says, "The addition of art and design into federal programs that target Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, encouraged innovation and economic growth in the United States."

This is huge, right? The student of today actively increasing the economy of the country tomorrow is what people look forward to. This is even a solid motivation for the government of the country to increase the education budget.


Enter the future with STEAM learning!

The article above covers the facts and figures that prove the importance of STEAM learning the life of every individual. The goal is to make the generation of tomorrow one step ahead of the demeaning technological advancements of the twenty-first century. And, STEAM education is the way to do so!



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