CHEFO wants more African women involved in the STEM



The Chepngoror Education Foundation (CHEFO) is a new nonprofit organization in Kenya, dedicated to enriching the lives of children and youth, mainly girls by creating opportunities for success in primary and post-secondary education.

The organization's vision is promising and very clear: "an African continent fully developed in terms of its human and resource capacity, free from poverty, ignorance, and civil conflict and where the poorest and most vulnerable people become ‘leaders' and effectively manage their national resources", explains Milkah Cherotich, CEO of CHEFO.

Among other initiatives that the organization has going on, CHEFO, as a member of Girls Not Brides network, developed a strategy of bringing young women and girls together and empower them psychologically, mentally, socially and economically, under their program called Girls Mentorship Programme which seeks to bring the women and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) closer together.

In a country where females make up more than 50% of the population, they can have a great opportunity to play a vital role in the development of products and services. And to do that, they need more knowledge. Specially in a fast/growing area like Inadequate number of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) roles is a crucial problem for any country that aims at accelerating Science and Technology advancement in order to achieve the sustainable development goals.


The solution that CHEFO found to try to get more women involved in the STEM, passes by creating a relevant community of top female talent who will lead in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. "Ladies who are interested in learning technology are enrolled in our boot camps where we teach web and mobile apps development, data science (big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence) and digital marketing", continues the CEO of the organization.


Like Milkah Cherotich explains, the women are able to learn how to use a tailored and personalized curriculum that will make these courses very practical and interactive. Each lady will also be in contact with at least one mentor who would guide and support her with further education and career choices.


After enrolling in training, ladies will be matched with real-time projects where they can directly apply their skills. With CHEFO partnerships with tech firms, ladies can get the opportunity to work with them for internships, full-time and remote jobs.


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