EntreComp into Action is now online

The European Commission Joint Research Centre has recently published EntreComp into Action- a user guide to the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp), which serves as a tool for individuals and organisations who wish to explore why, when and how they can use EntreComp.

Are you working in formal education, non-formal learning and inclusion? You have your own business or you simply want to introduce innovative professional development activities in your organisation? Then make sure to read EntreComp into Action.

The EntreComp into Action publication is useful not only in providing a concise overview of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework and its components, but it also guides the readers through 70 practical examples of how EntreComp can be used for lifelong learning across formal education and training, non-formal learning, employment or business.

The idea of the publication is to inspire through good examples! The case studies, tools and ideas in the guide have been collected from organisations who have been inspired by EntreComp, and reflect the variety of contexts and areas where entrepreneurial learning has been embedded into, targeting different stakeholders. It also highlights challenges organisations/individuals have encountered in the process of implementing EntreComp and the ways they have adapted it to fit their needs.

Among the tools and ideas featured in the guide, one will also find the I-LINC MOOC on Boosting a Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship in Your Students. The MOOC is based on EntreComp and aims to contextualises the 15 EntreComp competences by illustrating them with practical examples and mapping them to classroom activities that teachers could use in order to foster these competences.

Find out more about EntreComp into Action here.

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Stakeholder: EU Science Hub
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