Designing and Using Communities of Practice Around UMI Technologies for STEM Teaching and Learning

When: December 14th, 11AM-12:30PM

Where: online on Webex, link will be by e-mail provided just prior to the webinar

Ubiquitous, Mobile and IoT technologies support the implementation and use of "smart" environments (closed or open, static or on the move). These are technologies that will shortly be present in many aspects of our personal and professional lives. UMI are the technologies of the future. The application of UMI technologies in education and training can be fun and engaging, it fits multi-disciplinary projects, triggers different competences and skills and motivates differently oriented people, even those that would otherwise not be interested in technology. Young people thus get naturally excited about STEM and technology.

This is the second webinar in our UMI webinars series. It will provide an overview of how we in UMI-Sci-Ed design Communities of Practice (COPs) that use UMI technologies to support and enhance STEM learning. Our approach to building COPs involves activities with teachers and students and will soon include an online environment aspect where teachers will be able to access learning materials and resources which they may be able to use in the classroom. Students will be able to share their projects there too. The formation of these COPs will be discussed, along with useful educational scenarios. Additionally, the learning tools and activities associated with these scenarios will be outlined.

Join us and find out how the UMI Platform can be of use to you!


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