I-LINC webinar: Teaching and learning about entrepreneurial competences in an entrepreneurial way

Join the upcoming I-LINC webinar and learn more about what is means to teach and learn about entrepreneurial competences in an entrepreneurial way.

Date: Friday 17 November 2017

Time: 17:30 CET

The webinar will be moderated by Patricia Huion‚Äč, senior researcher in the University Colleges Leuven-Limburg (UCLL). Patricia and her team have been involved in the LEEN project. LEEN explores how entrepreneurship in its broad sense is introduced throughout the curriculum.

The L33n project has published a new Cookbook on entrepreneurship education, which aims to help learners and educators to make sense of entrepreneurship in an entrepreneurial way - by experiencing, trying out, playing with an entrepreneurial attitude; meeting, observing and listening to entrepreneurs. The cookbook is not content-specific and can be used in cross-disciplinary learning environments gathering learners of different ages and abilities.

During this webinar Patricia will present some parts of the Cookbook, starting with the learning trajectories they have developed. Some of the tools that will be presented during the webinar are: 

Learners' Ability to Respond Entrepreneurially:

  • The Alphabet of Entrepreneurial Learning and Teaching
  • Good Practices
  • Entrepreneurship Clubs
  • Learning Grid

Teachers embedding entrepreneurial competences in their teaching practice:

  • Liminal Labs 
  • Entrepreneur's Athenaeum
  • Entrepreneurship Ecology
  • L33N Documentary

The webinar is targeted at teachers of primary and secondary school. It will be carried out on the Adobe Connect platform. If you want to participate, you can register filling in the Google Form below. Please, note that due to the limited number of participants the webinar virtual room can host, priority will be given to I-LINC registered users.

The registration for this webinar is closed now

Please note that you will be sent a link to connect one hour prior to the start of the webinar. You will not need a password to connect: just click on the link you will receive and enter your name.


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