I-LINC final conference 'Educating for the 21 century: boosting digital skills and entrepreneurial thinking'

23 nov 2017
9.30h - 17.00h

Solidar - Rue de Pascale 4, 1000 Brussels

Young people are presented with a plethora of opportunities but also exposed to challenges and risks as a result of the constantly transforming societies. Fast–paced digital and social transformations require increased adaptability. In order to avoid the problem of youth exclusion, there is an increasing need for young people to develop relevant transversal skills to be able to take advantage of all opportunities, including professional. In this context, digital and entrepreneurial skills play a crucial role. By building upon these skills one can become a driver for further positive change and create value for others.

This conference will be centred on the importance of digital skills and entrepreneurial thinking as a means for empowering young people (aged 14-30) both professionally and personally. It will bring together policy-makers, researchers, youth organisations, students, educators, teachers, young people, and NGOs that are working on or interested in digital and entrepreneurial education. It will moreover see the participation of I-LINC Youth Ambassadors and Changemakers, who actively contributed to the success of the I-LINC project.

With this final conference, I-LINC aims to engage participants in a constructive exchange. The morning session will focus on the policy aspects of the question, and on different implementations carried out throughout Europe. These implementations are selected among the best practices that have been collected throughout the project. In the afternoon, breakout sessions will focus on the two main pillars of the project: entrepreneurship and digital skills. Throughout the conference, networking activities are foreseen to connect with different stakeholders. Space and scope will be given to participants to present their own entrepreneurial or digital project during the day. The full agenda will be available on this page soon.

The conference is organised within the Lifelong learning Week. Please, note that registration is mandatory to attend the conference. You can register filling in the Google Form below.

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