Video game creation with I-CODE

You are planning to take part in the EU Code Week with your students but you still have no idea how?  Try I-CODE, an activity to support you and  your students in creating a video game as part of EU CODE week.

I-LINC aims to support more teachers in taking part in this EU wide initiative by sharing ready-made materials to use in the classroom. The I-CODE material pack consists of a tutorial on how to programme a video game in Scratch and a "base" Scratch project with resources that you could use to remake it with your students. The I-CODE Activity includes a dashboard to share your students' projects! The best three projects uploaded to the dashboard will be promoted on I-LINC website and social media profiles.

Find here below an overview of the I-CODE package:

Video tutorial

This 10 minutes video explains how to create a platform game with Scratch in which a monkey has to dodge fireballs falling from the sky. The instructions are given in a very visual way and they show the entire process of creation the game. This includes setting the gaming area and initial position of the sprites, the monkey behaviour, the controls to move the monkey, the fireballs, the score, the sounds and the interactions between all these elements.

If your students follow the instructions step-by-step, they will develop an exact copy of the game in the example, but you should encourage them to understand the reasoning behind the programming and code their own creations.


"Base" scratch project with resources

In this link, you can find the visuals and sounds that your students will need to develop their own game. They can also look for their own visual styles if they feel they can do it. 

Go to the base project


I-CODE Dashboard

In this Scratch studio, all participants can share their creations and see what others have done, so they can learn from each other. The best three projects of students uploaded here will be promoted on I-LINC website and social media profiles.

Go to I-CODE dashboard



Need an example? You can find a sample Scratch project in the Digital Skills Community of I-LINC.
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We have also created a dedicated thread on the Digital Skills community where teachers can share their experience with the activity and exchange ideas on how to introduce I-CODE in class. Feel free to participate in the conversation!

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