New resources on employability available

As a part of the month of employability we are making new resources available to members in our Employability community. The resources are available in multiple languages.

Firstly, there is a comprehensive toolkit for youth workers available in English, Norwegian, Polish and Romanian. The toolkit focuses on promoting volunteering and the development of entrepreneurship and media and communication skills of young people with a special focus on employability. The toolkit includes media & communication training as well as practical information on how to train others, handle the group process and other necessary information for trainers. Moreover, the toolkit has entrepreneurial insights on how to set up and run your own business. The focus is not to provide the users of the toolkit with formal regulations on how to set up a business, but more on the practical issues for improving life skills. The toolkit also encourages young people to volunteer and plan their professional careers by acquiring valuable knowledge and resources, and by learning through creative scenarios, exercises, and games.

You can also access online training designed for youth workers, teachers and anyone who is and will work with youths in the field of entrepreneurship, visual communication, volunteering and career counselling. This training is available in English.

In order to tackle unemployment in Croatia, an online job counselling tool was created there. The general purpose of the tool is to provide unemployed people with an opportunity to enhance their competences required for successful job search and job application, increase their employability in general, as well as in specific context of applying for certain employer. So if you speak Croatian, and need help finding a job, you can utilize this free tool.

Access all these great resources and much more in the employability community.

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