Entrepreneurship Education at School in Europe - 2016 Edition

Developing and promoting entrepreneurship education has been one of the key policy objectives of the EU institutions and Member States for many years. 

The report focuses on primary education, lower and general upper secondary education as well as school-based initial vocational education and training. It contains information for 2014/15 from 33 countries participating in the Eurydice network. In addition, national information sheets provide an overview of entrepreneurship education in each country.

The report defines entrepreneurship education as 'developing the skills and mindset to be able to turn creative ideas into entrepreneurial action.' 

The analysis reveals that while countries are at various stages in developing policies on entrepreneurship education, employability is a common objective across all entrepreneurship education strategies.

Find the full version of the report in our Entrepreneurship community.

Country: Europe
Stakeholder: Eurydice
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