GOW17 in Switzerland: Teaching children about a code of conduct on the Internet

As part of the  Get Online Week 2017 in Switzerland (27th of March to the 2nd of April), Ynternet.org gave a presentation to 30 students and teachers from the primary school "la Découverte", in Geneva. The presentation is part of a campaign organized by Ynternet.org and taking place throughout 2017 in Geneva and other Swiss cities.

What can we use the internet for (video)? There are computers everywhere (video link)? What are the three parts of a computer? What discipline should we apply to digitalization (video)? These are some of the questions that emerged from our discussion with school teachers and students. We have created the above video material and tackled those subjects in a playful and interactive way and tried to plant a seed in each student's mind about the digital issues.

Nowadays children are born with internet and technologies and have a disconcerting ease on the web. Children are attracted at their very early ages to the screens. We are surrounded by computers; "there are computers everywhere". This is why they need to be aware of the stakes of the Internet and the risks linked to overconsumption and overload of information.

The team of Ynternet.org got a positive feedback from the school (teachers and students) about the presentation. The students were really interested and participated actively during to the conferences by asking, answering questions and sharing their thought. The educational leader of the school was delighted with the meeting and pointed out that there were not many projects such as ours, with the main aim was to raise awareness in a playful atmosphere and exchange on the use of the Internet and Technologies.


by Yaëlle Heubi, Ynternet.org

Country: Europe
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