GOW17 in Denmark - Cybersecurity and e-Commerce

The two main topics for the GOW17 in Denmark, organised by Telecentre-danmark, were Cybersecurity, which was also the theme in 2016, and e-Services.

Telecentre-danmark's goal was to promote the advantages of digital solutions within e-commerce, new methods of payment and security issues. We chose that the campaign should run on two different levels. At a local level, ICT centres were working individually and with their own local tuition material supported with the materials developed and/or distributed by Telecentre-danmark.

For example, the ICT center at Børkop (a small town in Jutland) had arranged a workshop for all their students. ICT center at Børkop is run by volunteers; there are 74 students (all over 60) and of these 43 are also using I-pads/tablets. The workshop paid a special attention to the safety on Ipads and tablets. As part of the training, they used the Telecentre-danmark TV programme in order to raise awareness of the safety. Reports from the center shows great success in raising the awareness and as always the students enjoy the social environment.

At the national level, together with the national broadcasting station DK4, Telecentre-danmark co-produced a TV programme.  In order to reach as many people as possible and at a minimum consumption in the budget to staff hours, we had chosen to make a 30-minute long TV programme. We also know that the impact will continue far beyond the Get Online Week campaign. The TV programme had a special focus on the new methods of digital payment and the security issues.
The TV program was shown on the national TV channel dk4 every day during the campaign week. Several ICT centers have shown the film on a big screen for their students, so one click can cover far more viewers than just one. The programme will be repeated other 20 – 25 times during 2017.  Approximately 1.7 million people will view this programme. 
The response from viewers have showed a great relief, that the new digital method of payment actually makes it much easier and give a much higher safety and security level, than using cash and traditional cards.

Telecentre-danmark has also produced a special security leaflet for the internet. It gives gives a wide range of advice on how to act and how to prevent different security risks you encounter on the internet, using PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The text in the leaflet is easy to read, in order not to make it accessbile, not too technical, for the average user. The leaflets have been printed and distributed by regular post to ICT centers, and there is also an online version, available as a download from our website.  

Telecentre-danmark central offices had also invited the homeless people at the main shelter in Copenhagen to a special theme day: "Homeless and the digital money". You can read about this workshop in the blogpost "GOW17 in Denmark - helping homeless people to gain digital skills"


by Gitte Olsen, Telecentre-danmark

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