Want to get a digital job and work digitally? A suggestions list

At the public  library Casa della Conoscenza in Casalecchio, near Bologna, on Saturday morning April 1st, 120 students from the last year of higher secondary school Istituto Salvemini, attended one of the GOW17 meetings.

The meeting was set up to give students the opportunity to discover and know more about new digital jobs and what it means to make the most of digital opportunities in any working environment.

Four professionals from different digital acivities explained to them what their work is about, how they got to do it (what they studied, previous work experiences, etc.), which perspectives they see for their current job's future. 

Giovanni Arata, who invented this format already 2 years ago and who invited the speakers, also asked them to give some key advice to the students. Below is a quick summary of that advice. 

Gianluca Diegoli, one of the first digital marketing consultants and temporary managers in Italy:

  • learn the English language well
  • network a lot (and you need English for that!)
  • learn to work remotely with others (English widens the opportunities)
  • create useful things/value for others (an App, a project, but also the story of your last trip) … and share it widely, it will come back to you!

Tonia Maffeo, co-founder and marketing manager of podcast and radio software and platform Spreaker:

  • cultivate your online relationships
  • the old CV format is dead – present yourself in new creative ways, and be honest
  • keep always up-to-date on the topics that interest you and be passionate about them (you need passion to manage the effort you'll have to put in your work)
  • the English language again! and today we have all those beautiful online series to watch wink, but without translation!
  • be yourself, because on the web the truth about who you are and what you did will always spring out at some point


Walter Manni, social media manager at the Emilia Romagna Tourism portal:

  • online content production is one of the areas where preliminaries are really useless (with words, forget "petting")
  • keep a close eye on and explore the constant evolution of the web - continuous learning is essential, hence you need passion for what you do
  • try, make mistakes, try again, and you'll make better mistakes (this was a citation)


Enrico Bergamini, university student of Economics and self-taught data analyst:

  • be curious (study and explore all the time) and take risks … and make inevitably mistakes
  • each time you enter a new domain, look for a teacher, someone who knows a lot more than you and can help you learn. He/she may be on the other side of the world, the internet helps smiley
  • English language and digital skills – can't avoid them
  • try and try again, stubbornness is an essential quality for self-taught people
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