GOW17 in Oreskovica, Serbia

In the primary school "Djura Jaksic" Oreskovica, teachers and students organized many activities during the Get Online Week 2017. 

ICT in teaching

Teachers used ICT in their teaching, so students had more interesting and more quality school classes. The 5th-grade students in a Mathematics class used e-tests, and 6th-grade students at a Physics class used Kahoot quiz to check their knowledge. Also, game-based learning was implemented in a History class, too. Teacher created an online quiz "Milliner" to check the knowledge of the 6th grade students about historical content. And 2nd grade students used online educational games to exercise multiplication. In a Serbian language class, students created presentation by using Google Drive. 

Hour of coding

2nd and 4th grade students had The Hour of Coding and they were so happy, because they finished successfully that activity. 

Creating learning materials

4th grade students created online crossword for their younger friends from the 2nd grade. In this way, 2nd grade students learned about Latin letters and words. Also, for the first time, 4th grade students used Moodle Cloud to create learning material about science. They created multimedia lessons, interesting tasks and forum discussions.

Workshop about Internet safety

4th grade students conducted a workshop about Internet safety for their younger friends (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade) from Oreskovica, Dobrnje i Vosanovac. They used Power Point presentation and helped their younger friends to solve many interesting tasks. After that, students from Vosanovac showd their classmate how to use Internet. Also, two teachers had a presentation about Internet safety for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

Training about Kizoa

4th grade students showd 2nd grade students how to edit photos and create videos by using Kizoa. After that, 2nd grade students had practical work with this web tool.

Webinar between two schools

By using BigMarker, 4th grade students taught 3rd grade students from Primary school "Bata Bulic" Petrovac about Mathematics. They used a presentation about the mountains of our region to connect teaching subjects and to help their friends in learning. 

Professional orientation via Skype

Now, professional orientation via Skype is a traditional activity in our school during the Get Online Week. 7th and 8th grade students communicated by using Skype with a radiology technician, a music teacher and an actress. They talked about their jobs and education. 

During the Get Online Week, we all tried to show our students how to use Internet and ICT for learning and cooperation, not only for fun.

by Slavica Gomilanović, Primary school "Djura Jaksic", Oreskovica

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