250 events during GOW17 in Spain

The GET ONLINE WEEK, an annual campaign, which is coordinated by Telecentre Europe, has reached its eight consecutive year. This is the sixth year that Spain is also involved in this initiative through the Spanish Association of Telecentres, promoting a lot of activities in more than 3,000 telecentres of its Network.

A total of 250 face-to-face activities to promote the use of ICTs through the use of technological tools and the Internet, focused on cybersecurity, employability and entrepreneurship, have been organized in the whole country with 3.300 participants. Besides 1.300 people have completed the mini survey of the campaign ,and the impact in Social Networks have been also very high with more than 400 tweets and 717.997 impressions using the hashtag #gow17es. ( tweet report)

The activities in Spain were launched on March 23rd with the 16th Annual Conference of the Association held in Murcia where participated more than 100 professionals of the IT sector, e-facilitators, Telecentre managers and public institutions.  During Conference were planned a set of activities focused mainly on giving value to the practical use of ICTs, trying to impulse the dissemination and awareness about the digital competences as a key factor.

GOW region by region

'Job seeking on the Internet and social networks', 'Mobile Apps for active job seeking' or 'Learn to create an online creative curriculum' are some of the workshops organized by the CYL Digital Program of the Castilla and Leon region.

The seminars and workshops were aimed at both unemployed and workers who wanted to improve their skills and digital training about searching new professional opportunities. In summary, 41 training activities with 436 learners and 7 online training activities with 535 participants are the results of the GOW17 in the region.

The Technological Literacy Plan of Extremadura organized three activities:


  • The third activity of the Extremadura's region, in coordination with the Association and Dedalo Foundation, was the Workshop "Learning to start a business", which objective was to offer a set of resources for youth entrepreneurship that is planned in the framework of the iLINC project. The workshop was attended by more than 150 people.

Read more about it in English here

Dedalo Foundation in Navarra region offered the workshop "EIBI Project: European Incubator for business ideas" for those people who are thinking of the entrepreneurship as a way to enter in the labor market. The idea was to detect people who want to start up a new business to allow them to participate in a pilot training course that helps to move from the idea to the business.

A couple of more activities were also organized. The Webinar "Ciber-security in family: You drive the Internet" and the Workshop "Tudela, a technological city". A total of 62 people participated in the two face to face activities and more than 80 people attended the webinar.

In Andalusia, the 83 Local Innovation Agents of the Guadalinfo Network were working in a training program in digital skills designed for their specific needs and functions in the centers as for instance: "Following your track in the Internet: digital identity and personal data protection", "HTML: Internet language" and "Copyright and intellectual property on the Internet". In Andalusia 110 activities were organized with 990 participants.

The Burgos region planned 20 training courses in the use of tablets and mobile devices with the aim to promote the use of tactile devices in the rural environment in order to empower its use and to integrate them in the daily life. The methodology is based on learning by discovery, as a workshop, boosting the participation of the attendees. The participants are provided a tablet per person to be used during the course. 3 training activities and 30 participants attended the courses.

More info:  http://gowes.competenciasdigitales.com and  Video Report 

by Jose Moreno Hortet, Spanish Association of Telecentres 


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