GOW17 in Hungary - Learning via Webinars

This year the Foundation for Community Network (ComNet) offered three webinars during Get Online Week 201: How to recognize fake news; Cybersecurity for youth and teachers – how to address digital generations; and eServices – how to offer 1% of personal income tax for the civil society. ComNet involved some telecentres of their telecentre network – from different regions of Hungary – in order to provide computers for participants who could not join from home.

Each webinar was about 1,5 hours long, conducted by an expert in the field, with a presentation on the topic followed by practical tasks. All participants could join individually or from the computers of telecentres. Thus participants did not only learn about interesting topics but also practiced how to join a webinar.

The first webinar was on the topic of How to address digital generations - cybersecurity for youth and teachers. The presenter, Mónika Miklya Luzsányi is an expert of youth, ICT and their successful connection. ComNet has already collaborated with her, even during previous GOW, she was a trainer of various ComNet events and workshops. She is a really experienced presenter so she found the right way to deliver the knowledge via a webinar, even if she hadn't led a webinar before.

One of the participants said that the webinar had provided him with useful information on how to deal with children who were born in the digital age. Even though this field was not new for him as he was a teacher, he learned new things and could implement it in his practice.

The telecentres, which joined the webinars, also agreed that it was a very good way of providing information for local people.

The topic of the second webinar was How to offer 1% of personal income tax for the civil society and how to make the personal income tax return online. The presenter, Gábor Nyilas is an expert from the National Tax and Customs Administration. He was happy to conduct the webinar as it was an important part of his job to provide relevant and useful information for people on this topic.

We think that this topic is of real importance nowadays. Moreover, the deadline for submitting the personal income tax return is getting closer and closer (it is in May 2017). Additionally, most of the Hungarian people - mainly highly educated people - find it important to support civil society with 1% of their personal income tax. They just have to fill in a short official form and they can do it even online as they learned during the webinar. Not to mention that, if people do not give their 1% to anyone, the Hungarian state will get it automatically.

So, it seems that people in Hungary are interested in the online way of personal income tax return. One of the participants said that the webinar provided him with a guide in the world of e-services and thus he could do his personal income tax return and give his 1% to a civil organisation in the online system more confidentially. Later, he indicated that he had submitted online his personal income tax return successfully and offered his 1% for a civil organisation.

The topic of our 3rd webinar was How to recognize fake news on the internet. Our presenter, Márta Kovács has experience in implementing trainings via webinar so we were happy that she could undertake this webinar.

The feedback of one of the participants was about how interesting and useful the webinar was. Other participants were happy about the interactive parts of the webinar, as the presenter gave them different small tasks in order to involve them. This topic has also real importance nowadays, as there is more and more fake news and people have more and more difficulties in recognizing it because a lot of fake news is supported with data and stories, which seem to be true.

Local people from different telecentres (for example, from Súr, Kajdacs, Kétegyháza, Zalalövő, Budapest, Ecser, Pusztaföldvár, Mikepércs) took part in the webinar. There were also individual participants from their home (for example, from Szeged). We could involve more and more telecentres and local people from webinar to webinar.


ComNet uploaded the recordings of the webinars to their YouTube channel in order to make them available for as many people as it is possible:

Some telecentres (for example from Kétegyháza and Budapest) indicated that they will implement an event during following weeks when they will broadcast the webinars from YouTube for local people.


by Henriett Hangodi,  ComNet

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