Growing up Digital with the “digital skills galaxies" in Bologna

On March 28, vocational education school Fondazione AldiniValeriani (FAV) in Bologna hosted the Get Online Week 2017 event "Growing up digital - Chambers of commerce, Google and the digital skills galaxies". Almost 80 people attended the 3-hour workshop. Most of them were FAV students, along with a few testimonies by other young people from Emilia Romagna, who were trained on business digitalization, and the entrepreneurs who hosted them for a 6-month stage in their companies. 

'Growing up Digital' (the English for "Crescere in digitale", also called "CiD") is a project run by the National Union of Chambers of Commerce (Unioncamere) in collaboration with Google and promoted by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and ANPAL (National Agency for Labour Policies).

The CiD project provides an online course with a selective test (offered by Google) to acquire digital skills in order to foster the employability of young NEETs. On the other side Unioncamere and local Chambers find enterprises that want to get online. The Chambers system, helped by Google, organizes local workshops in order to match enterprises and NEETs aiming to activate up to 3000 internships of 6 months. Those internships are financed by the Ministry of Labour and ANPAL through Youth Guarantee programme, with almost zero costs for the companies.

The GOW17 event was introduced by Pane e Internet regional project manager Agostina Betta. Then Carmine Nigro, project & community manager of CiD, presented the project and opened an interactive session with invited young testimonies, entrepreneurs and promoters. These illustrated in practical terms the meaning of new digitals jobs and which skills are required for them. Two interesting and successful cases of matching were presented, which are continuing over the internship: one into the famous Andalini pasta-maker and the other into CEUR foundation.

To engage the participants even more, in the last hour of the workshop, Nigro involved the students in two games about the "digital skills galaxies". The first game called "Master Internaut", consisted of a quiz to make students understand the world of specific online jobs and terms. In the second game, called the "Galaxies Game", students were split into groups: each group had to identify a "sectorial galaxy" from a list (beauty, sports, agriculture etc.) which was far from the digital world. Then, each group had to discuss a way to connect the sector to digitals, in order to stimulate a new way of thinking about digital skills.

At the end, gadgets were distributed to the students as a reward for their active participation

Until today, all over Italy more than 8,800 young people attended the course and about 7.,00 passed the online test, with around 5,400 enterprises signed in. Over 85 matching workshops were run, attended by almost 3000 NEET. More than 1400 internships started and almost 500 are now already ended.


by Stefano Kluzer, ERVET

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