GOW17 in Lithuania: Online with confidence and better skills

Association "Langas į ateitį" has been the Lithuanian national coordinator for Get Online Week activities since its kick-off back in 2010. In 2017, the eigth edition of the the campaign was organized in close cooperation with National digital coalition partners, school community, public libraries, youth job centres and socially responsible business, as well as individuals.

GOW 2017 in Lithuania tackled all three main topics of this year's campaign.  We have had over 145 events registered in 37 municipalities, brand new training materials WebWeWant and Digital Gold Diggers translated in Lithuanian, as well as useful resources in English suggested by  Telecentre Europe. Every year we have some new activities and partners, and all information on the Lithuanian GOW 2017 is displayed on the national website of the campaign – www.epilietis.eu/savaite

Cooperation with banks

GOW 2017 coinsides with European money week, so cooperation with Lithuanian banks association was very useful to us - they provided safe e-banking recommendations to all e-banking users and distributed this information through all banks and their clients.

E-banking is a topic very closely connected to safe online shopping, so several seminars in Vilnius and Kaunas have been organized by Lithuanian consumer institute.

The Institute protects consumer economic and safety interests, implements educational, training, consultation activities and promotes fair commercial practices at national and EU levels.

All seminar participants were presented with GOW 2017 souvenirs.


Cooperation with public authorities

This year we decided to invite public servants to participate in the GOW 2017 but were not sure  what the attitude would be. To our surprise, the invitation was very friendly met by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

Over 100 participants attended the seminar "Information security - why should I worry?" run by our partners - ATEA company IT auditors. After a 1,5 hr lecture a lot of questions were asked. Attendees were introduced to  the newest virus trends and safe behaviour rules online in the work place and at home. 

Everybody was excited to take part in the GOW17 survey and see the results of other EU countries.  


by Loreta Krizinauskiene, Langas i Ateiti

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