GOW17 in Slovenia: Digital skills for inclusive digital society

Simbioza Genesis Social Enterprise is running the third edition of Get Online Week in Slovenia in 2017. The focus topics of the GOW17 are digital jobs and digital profiles, as well as cybersecurity.

Get Online Week 2017 campaign in Slovenia was launched with a workshop on the topic of Safety with Online Shopping as a result of the collaboration between Simbioza Genesis, social enterprise and the Institute Safe Internet. Based on the Shopper's Mind 2016 research there was a 20% increase of online shopping between 37% of all web users in 2016. It is definitely becoming more attractive for all generations, especially online shopping on foreign websites, and that is why users need to be extra careful with this kind of purchases. As online users, we do not have direct contact with salesmen and products, so we cannot check quality and declarations, so it is even more important to know our consumer rights and pay attention to potential online scams.

With this practical workshop, we got to know:

  • Basic standards of internet that protect us from scams
  • How to analyze web shops/websites
  • Tips and tricks of online shopping sites
  • Pros and cons of various pay systems that enable us online shopping.  

During Get Online Week we also learn about useful analytical digital tools to ease our everyday work life, such as Microsoft Office Excel workshop and promote Simbioza Digital Academy, where young people (pupils, students, job seekers) and employees find e-tools for future digital workplaces and spaces!

In our intergenerational center in Ljubljana we are also going online on a daily basis with our 55+ generations that learn about laptops, smart phones, tablet computers, and content like internet, safety, useful tools, photo saving and editing, social media and basics about cloud data saving. "I am so happy to attend this workshop. The lecturer is very kind and patient with us and she really knows how to teach us. I like the content, I even practice every day at home," says Bernarda from Advanced computer workshop.

During this week, we have a special focus on introducing the 55+ jobseekers to the opportunities on digital jobs and the skills these jobs require.

Across Slovenia there are also workshops on e-literacy happening for seniors in primary and secondary schools via Simbioza School project, where young pupils teach seniors how to get online. It is a week of fun e-learning between generations, where our main goal is to empower youth and seniors with digital skills for personal motivation, social inclusion and better career orientation!


by Tjasa Sobocan, Simbioza Genesis

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