GOW in Sweden - Non-hierarchical, independent and democratic networking group

For seventh year straight, Digidelnätverket has the pleasure to orginize Get Online Week on a national level.

The network Digidelnätverket is a a non-hierarchial, independent and democrtatic networking group  working to increase digital inclusion in Sweden. The network was formed after the national campaign for increased digital participation – Digidel2013 – ended in December 2013. The aim is to increase digital inclusion and accessibility of digital services in Sweden, through collaboration and shared knowledge work. Digidelnätverket are mainly overseeing and co-ordinated two big events in Sweden, the eMedborgarveckan (eCitizens' week) a national joint effort for digital inclusion, as well as Sweden's participation in Get Online Week.

Digidelnätverket is financially supported by KB (The National Library of Sweden) in 2017. 

Please follow us and participate via Facebook; Digidelnätverket,Instagram and Twitter; #digidel and #eMedborgarveckan #GOW17 and Digidel.se  

Everyone working for digital inclusion can participate

The themes Cybersecurity, eServices, Employment and entrepreneurship are broad-based themes that open up participation from different organizations and administrative authorities to pursue the work for digital inclusion for everyone with the learnings from the previous eMedborgarveckan and Get Online Week. 

HERE you can find a map of all registered co-organizers around Sweden. 

by Tomas Finger, Digidelnätverket

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