GOW17 in Ireland: Get online, for work, for leisure, for life!

For the GOW17, Fast Track into Information Technology Ltd​ (FIT) has been running various activities promoting GOW17 in public areas along with training in our partner telecentres throughout the country. FIT has also partnered this year with Bank of Ireland which has organised a number of events through Age Action and Coderdojo about helping getting on-liners to interact with online banking and also teaching classes on youth and entrepreneurship.

This week so far FIT has been taking part in training sessions for seniors and disadvantaged adults who are undertaking the ‘Getting Citizens Online' programme which is funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. In the Belgard 138 Centre (on the photos), students are taking their first steps online, and filling in the GOW survey while learning a bit more about their IT level through the Skillage tool.

As part of the GOW17 campaign, Bank of Ireland (BOI) is running events and disseminating tips and guidance, in order to ensure more people can get online, whether it's for work or for leisure.

"Get Online Week is an important European initiative to encourage competent and confident internet usage," said Garvan Callan, director of customer, digital and innovation, BOI.

A dedicated team of BOI staff, known as Digital Arrows, are shooting across Ireland this week to train people up on technology, social media and safe online banking. For example, they have conducted training with young people from Limerick as part of their Workbench programme, a schools talk on cybersecurity and startup innovation.

Learn more about BOI's involvement in the campaign HERE and check their video promoting Get Online Week.

by Helen Johnston, FIT

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