Get Online Week 2017 in Rijeka, Croatia

The first two days of the Get Online Week 2017 in Rijeka, Croatia, organised by Centre for Technical Culture Rijeka included workshops on cybersecurity and privacy, Europass, robotics and visual programming - everybody could find something exciting.

Centre for Technical Culture Rijeka started this year's Get Online Week with a comprehensive intro lecture about cybersecurity. We explained the differences between main threats on the Internet: computer viruses, malware and adware - and how to defend yourself from them. Also, participants learned about the importance of protecting their personal information and adjusting their privacy settings.

The rest of the day was eventful as well: participants of Europass workshop learned to use the powerful and comprehensive format to present their knowledge, competences and working experience, along with language competences, certificates and diplomas. The information presented in such a format can be used to present aforementioned data in a standardised, easy to read manner.

Our workshop dedicated do educational programmable robots was a great success. Workshops foster, in association with our seasoned volunteers, cooperation and competition among young students in the STEM field, particularly in robotics and automatics. The workshops are a part of the larger initiative to promote STEM field within Croatian society, jumpstarted by privately funded Institute for Youth development and Innovativity.

Kids were very excited to participate in "Sensors and microcontrollers for beginners" workshop. They learned how to connect various components, their operating principles and how to programme their functions.

On the second day of GOW17, we prepared a comprehensive, in length presentation of various Facebook functions, especially for our senior citizens. Our educator Petra gave a great presentation, and seniors greeted her with enthusiasm. During similar programmes, we learnt that seniors are mostly concerned about who can see their posts and which posts. Thus, this workshop emphasized Facebook's various privacy settings. Also, we provided written step-by-step instructions, so that everyone could follow and implement the subject matter explained in the workshop.

Our visual programming workshop was also a great success - so great that we decided to extend it for day longer. The kids had fun with visual programming in Scratch, while making first, easy steps in the huge world of programming.

We are happy and honoured to be a part of the European initiative – Get Online Week, 6th year in a row!


by Luka Pausic, CTC Rijeka

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