Skilled and Employed - Empowering Youth for Digital Societies - I-LINC Youth Ambassadors Position Paper

I-LINC has continuously engaged talented young people willing to share their views and be co-creators of the solutions that policy makers, industry, non-governmental organisations and educational institutions are developing. 

The core group of young people engaged in the I-LINC project has acted as vocal I-LINC Youth Ambassadors and their opinions and common position are being summarised in this position paper. The paper addresses policy-makers, education and training organisations and all relevant stakeholders who could contribute to empowering youth and boosting their capabilities to live and work in our digital society.

The paper preparation has been facilitated through both online and offline consultations and workshops with and or led by I-LINC Youth Ambassadors. The starting point for the collaborative drafting process were the brainstorming activities revolving around the I-LINC Wikinclusion space. This virtual space hosted discussions and exchange of opinions on the issue of tackling youth unemployment.

Some of the main issues addressed in the position paper have been already presented at the EMINENT conference 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. These main issues are highlighted in the poster below. 


This position paper is a living document that will evolve throughout the I-LINC project activities and it is open to contributions from all interested individuals and stakeholders.


Country: Europe
Stakeholder: I-LINC
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I would enrich the "recognise diverse skills" idea by the "inclusion" approach: "Appreciate and employ different skills, competences and knowledge in order to empower everybody for learning."
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