I-LINC offer to projects and initiatives


I-LINC is a free, sustainable and all-encompassing platform on the topic of ICT (for) learning, inclusion and employment, which offers its quickly growing community of 1600+ active users and 250+ stakeholders an online environment for networking, participation and learning.

It offers communication channels to stakeholders from the non-formal and formal education sectors, NGOs, business and entrepreneurial spaces and academia.


I-LINC is an ideal platform for promoting your work and for connecting with experts and practitioners.

What advantages do we offer you?

 A direct communication channel to 1600+ active individual users and 250+ stakeholder profiles and 1400+ social media followers

 Community space on the I-LINC platform

 Possibility to get 1 digital changemaker we agree on as facilitator of your community financially incentivized by I-LINC

 Learning space for your community members who will have access to all the resources, calls and campaigns offered by I-LINC

 All services offered without costs

When considering cooperation with us, you can pick and choose from the following building blocks and move all or a part of your community and activities to I-LINC. We are happy to tailor our offer to your needs.
Building blocks of the I-LINC offer:

➢ A separate community space, which allows you to use a forum, see membership and post resources. (for an example, see the Entrepreneurial teachers' community)

➢ Several relevant thematic communities, where you can join others discussing for example digital skills, entrepreneurship, employability.

➢ Dissemination space for your information. We would be happy to share your updates and information in blogs (featured articles appear on the home page), suggest learning opportunities or best practices. You can promote your events in the calendar.

➢ Promotion of your most significant updates in the regular I-LINC newsletter sent directly to users' email accounts.

➢ Promotion of your information through the I-LINC social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN

➢ Autonomous pages for publishing and managing campaigns and initiatives (for an example, see the Get Online Week campaign or the Selfie-entrepreneur competition).

➢ Dissemination opportunities at events organized by the I-LINC partners. In particular, there will be speaking space given to cooperating projects at the ALL DIGITAL annual conference in Barcelona.

Need more info? Please contact: iva.walterova@telecentre-europe.org