Mu.SA Project MOOC - Essential Digital Skills for Museum Professionals

The EU-funded project "Mu.SA: Museum Sector Alliance" will offer a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) entitled: "Essential Digital Skills for Museum Professionals". The 8-week course will be launched in October 2018. Registrations are now open.

The MOOC aims, especially, to support museum professionals in improving their digital competences so as to become more productive in the new digital era, efficient in collaborating with other professionals and organisations inside and outside their sector and successful in managing emerging challenges.

The course is delivered in 8 weeks ans is organized in modules that will allow you to develop a complete set of digital and transferable competences. It is a flexible, self-paced course that requires your engagement for at most 10 hours per week. Online tutors will monitor, assist and facilitate the learners' training procedure. Once you enroll, you will have guided access to all videos, quizzes and programming assignments (when applicable). You will have the opportunity to actively participate by sharing your ideas and questions in the discussion forum. Upon completion, you will be given the opportunity to earn a certificate.

To whom is this course for?

The MOOC is especially designed for the museum community, including professionals and all aspiring to be professionals like students, volunteers or unemployed people who want to pursue their future career in the museum sector. Nevertheless, everyone who has an interest for the cultural sector is most welcome.

What will you achieve?

By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop and use the necessary digital and transferable competences, to act a knowledgeable professional in the museum sector;
  • Manage data, information and digital content;
  • Collaborate through digital technologies;
  • Develop a digital strategy and management plan for a museum;
  • Be competent in ICT tools and means for applying in the museum objects;
  • Upskill the ICT background required for the sector;
  • Use web 2.0 tools in the museum;
  • Be efficient in time management, communication, team working, leadership and creative thinking;
  • Identify needs and technological responses;
  • Develop digital content;
  • Be aware of emerging job role profile descriptions;
  • Empower the development of 21st Century skills;
  • Actively participate in an online learning community;
  • Be competent as a museum professional with stron ICT skills at European level.
Institution: Mu.SA Project MOOC
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