Digitalization, conservation and skills development and EU cultural heritage

The "digitalization of cultural heritage" will be the main focus of this Learning Event: the topic will be tackled by different angles, providing a solid knowledge on how digitalization can be applied at cultural heritage, why this practice is relevant and where we can find the most meaningful examples of digitalization of cultural heritage around the world. These cases in point will constitute the case studies which will be objects of the articles selected and they will be the starting points for the group discussion.

The aim is to learn how cultural heritage can benefit from the use of digital technologies under several points of views, in the specific digitalization is profoundly changing our cultural experience, not only in terms of new technology-based access, production and dissemination but also in terms of participation, creation, learning and partaking in a knowledge society.

The course will take place between the 05/11/2018 to the 16/11/2018 in English.

Institution: European School Network (EUN)
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