Digital Wellbeing

Discover how digital technology affects our wellbeing


What is the impact of digital technology on our health, relationships and society? How do we ensure our own digital wellbeing? Explore the answers to these questions and more with this course.

You will investigate new and established technologies and their impact on society, looking at the positives and negatives aspects of engaging with technology.

You will also learn how to ensure your own digital wellbeing, exploring how to balance online and offline activities, how to stay safe physically and virtually, strategies for dealing with information overload and creating a positive digital identity.

This course is for anyone interested in understanding health and wellbeing in the digital ade. It will be of particular interest to people concerned with social science, healthcare or online communities.

What topics will you cover?

  • Introduction to the digital society and wellbeing, considering new and established digital technologies, modern culture and trends;
  • Explotation of digital identity and the balance of online and offline activities;
  • Consideration of negative behaviours online and strategies and approaches to manage them;
  • Positive users of technology for our health, society and education
Institution: University of York
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