Webinar: Creativity and entrepreneurial education

To what extent is creativity applied in the classroom as a collaborative problem-solving process? Join this webinar and get inspired by practical examples of creativity in a school context – its enablers and its barriers.

Tuesday, 5 November at 17:00h CEST

  • Speakers: Andy Penaluna - Emeritus Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Wales
  • Facilitator: Elin McCallum, Bantani Education

Entrepreneurial education might be interesting because you want your students to become creative and entrepreneurial citizens. You may want to build their entrepreneurial confidence. You might want them to experience the highs and lows of an entrepreneurial project as part of their course. Maybe you see entrepreneurial education as one of the ways to engage your students by making learning more relevant and integral to their own interests.

Whatever reason you are interested in or already involved in entrepreneurial education, it is always important to the creativity of students flowing from the very start. How are people including creative thinking into the process of learning? What are the different enablers and barriers to including creativity in the curriculum? What are some practical examples of how to do this. 

This webinar will offer practical routes to introducing creativity into your teaching, and help you understand the reasons and theory behind these. Join us to learn how you can help your learners build their creative potential!

What will you get out of this online seminar?

  • Understanding of how creativity is developed and the benefits of placing a stronger focus on creativity in the classroom
  • Practical examples of developing creativity through entrepreneurial education

Join the webinar here on Tuesday, 5 November at 17:00h CEST!

Institution: School Education Gateway
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