30 Circles

Target: Educators           Keywords: creativity, students, ideas

Description: A very engaging exercise to foster creativity in your classroom! This activity was inspired by a Stanford university professor Bob McKim, who did an extensive research on creativity in the 60-70s.

This activity highlights the importance of generating ideas and is suitable for students (and people) of all ages. This activity is very suitable as a warm-up activity in the beginning of a class or a creative session. Originality is not important here! What matters the most is the quantity of ideas/circles drawn in 60 seconds. The activity could be done individually or in groups.

Material needed: Pen and paper (30 Circles sheet of paper)

Time: 60 seconds

Suggested steps:

  • Give each participant one 30 Circles sheet of paper.
  • Ask them to turn as many of the blank circles as possible into recognizable objects in 60 seconds.
  • At the end, compare results. Look for the quantity and variety of ideas. Were there similar drawings and ideas. How many circles did participants manage to draw? Did someone break the rules?
Institution: I-LINC
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