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Social Innovation Community Relay #3: Crowdfunding - Workshop

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London, United Kingdom

The Social Learning Relays are series of events organised within the Social Innovation Community (SIC) project. The third relay is centred on the idea of Crowdfunding and the unlocking of its full potential - not just to fund a project, but also to widen its audience.

The relay consists of a Webinar on 11th September, a workshop on 21th September and a subsequent phase of mutual learning and supporting to "put some of your learnings into action". And the end of this phase a online closure event takes place on 19th October 2018.

The partcipation is free, but a application is required till 31st August 2018. Fore more information, have a look on the event info page.

Mathias Cuypers

Themes: Digital skills THEMES: Digital skills
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