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AFS Global Conference - Active Global Citizenship—and How to Educate for It

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Montreal, Canada

What will it take to empower more active global citizens determined to make their impact on the world? This year, the AFS Global Conference will tackle the tough challenges, opportunities and resources required to bring global competence education into the classrooms, youth leadership and study abroad programs. AFS Intercultural Programs is convening this annual event to stimulate collaboration and cooperation among leaders in education, NGOs, business and government committed to make this learning available to young people and empowering them to become active changemakers in their community and the world.

The 2019 conference focuses on Active Global Citizenship—and How to Educate for It,  and will take place in Montreal, Canada, 9-11 October 2019. This gathering builds on the networking and idea-sharing activities of the 2018 event, which convened more than 450 leaders at the intersection of education, business and policy. Conference participants include experts and advocates in intercultural learning, global competence and peace education that prepare young people for a world where globalism is under attack and nationalism and extreme violence are on the rise.


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