http://YouRock.Jobs is a free online employability resource in 17 European languages that helps users to identify their work skills and build an online portfolio. YouRock is an employability tool/ resource to attract and offer to Telecentre customers/users. It offers a different way of discovering work skills and creating a portfolio. It can be used by any organisation working with unemployed or young people for employability support.

Key benefits

  • Increases users' chances to stand out in recruitment
  • Users can better present their skills ‘personality'.

It helps users to:

  • Identify their professional work skills;
  • Build a dynamic profile showing their primary skill groups;
  • Create a portfolio of online content showing their skills.

It helps employers to:

  • Identify proactive new employees with specific skills;
  • See international candidates in any of the system languages.


  • 5500+ users in 17 languages (as of Dec 2015)
  • Winner of UniteIT Best Employability Project 2015
  • Finalist in the EC Social Innovation Prize 2014
  • Stakeholder in eSkills for Jobs campaign 2015
  • Pledge to EC Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs
  • Has high level EU political and industry engagement
  • Has a dynamic Social Media campaign with more than 6000 followers (as of Dec 2015)

The YouRock system

  • The system matches users everyday activities with work skills and describes them in the language of employers
  • 120 activities matched with 100 work skills e.g. makes clothing: patient, methodical, designs, expressive, visualizes, attends to detail.
  • Generates a "diamond" showing predominant skill type and "cloud" of specific skills.
  • Also contains traditional resume, portfolio, endorsements, blog & social media feed

Target audience

Targets young people (16-30), but supports anyone with little or no work history, but also supports 3 employer types: large, SME & entrepreneur

  • Adults (16+)
  • Unemployed people
  • People in precarious work
  • Low-income people
  • Low-skilled people
  • Young people at risk of marginalization
  • Small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurs

More information

It was created specifically to show that young people have a range of work skills often hidden in the things they do every day and to give them the language of employers to describe those skills. We have designed YouRock to create rich, dynamic profiles that will give employers a meaningful insight into the skills that its users have.

» Support guide 

Contact person: Ian Clifford

Phone: +44 (0)7411 118667


Stakeholder in charge:

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