Ubiqum Code Academy is an internet startup with the aim of providing formative and empoyability opportunity and to make ordinary people become valuable developers.

Ubiqum offers training and employability opportunities to people looking for a job and who would like to work in start-ups or in leading technology companies. People who enroll in their intensive 6-month courses become eligible for a post as a junior developer for websites and mobile devices even without prior knowledge. Their intensive training programmes start from scratch and gradually increase in complexity. People enrolled in their courses learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Ruby on Rails and Agile and Test driven development methodologies. They moreover learn to work in a high performance development team, to communicate with clients, to define and formalise the requirements for an application, and to plan project tasks through to completion.

Target group: Jobseekers

Rationale: An original and successful combination of formative approaches and employability perspective

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