The Innovation Camp


Bang & Olufsen hosts an international Innovation Camp, where previously more than 350 students have participated from Europe, Asia, and U.S.A The camp is conducted in a summer school format at the Bang & Olufsen facilities with participation from young talents recruited from universities and educational institutions from Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, China, and USA.

The students work with concept developing, which they in three weeks have to develop into a working prototype. The work takes place in Bang & Olufsen's development and design facilities with active participation from Bang & Olufsen development engineers, concept managers, and industrial designers.

In addition to expanding their professional competences, the participating students get the opportunity to establish new personal and professional relations and grow their network.

Rationale: Bang & Olufsen have partnered up with European universities to establish a unique environment. Here it allows young and talented students to acquire a new aspect into how it is to work in multidisciplinary and cross-cultural teams. The Innovation Camp has through the years received recognition and awards for its innovative approach to personal development, and coaching. The camp has support from Aalborg University, Region Midtjylland, Struer Municipality and The Oticon Fund. The Camp is also supported by grants from EU, Oticon Fund, Region Midtjylland and the Ministry of Education.

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