Programamos is a non-profit association whose main objective is to promote the development of computational thinking from an early age through the programming of video games and mobile applications in all stages of school, from kindergarten to vocational training.

The project aims to change the way students relate to technology, from being consumers to technology creators through video game programming and the development of applications for mobile devices. The project has integrated the use of Scratch and App Inventor, among other languages, in its activities because these visual tools allow for the creation of both complex and simple programmes.

Programamos offers a variety of free materials for teachers, which they can adapt to their classrom needs, as well as trainings and workshops on programming and robotics.

Being a non-profit organization, the social component of Programamos is very important, so they organize activities and trainings for socially disadvantaged kids.  A sample of such actions is "Healing with code", a project in which Programamos has collaborated with a hospital for running two workshops a week for an entire year for hospitalized kids.

Stakeholder in charge: Programamos

Target group: Educators

Rationale: In addition to equipping students with the fundamentals of computational thinking and software development, the project fosters collaborative learning and promotes a culture of sharing and free knowledge and the philosophy of the maker movement .

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