Pathways for Employ


A project that aims to foster the assessment of digital competences by supporting the recognition and validation of skills and qualifications.

Pathways for Employ is going to develop a web assessment tool that will allow users to assess their digital competences aligned with the DIGCOMP framework, openly accessible. It will implement a digital competence portfolio that will be able to be adopted at European level by target groups and stakeholder. The project also plans to use Mozilla Open badges, because they meet needs not currently being met, not only for learners ranging from kindergarten through college, but for lifelong learners, or for people acquiring skills in non-formal and informal activities, for example, volunteering.

Partners have identified two profiles for employment and digital competences (entrepreneur and virtual office worker) offering opportunities for employment and employability next years. The profiles have been defined using DigComp Framework. The partners of the project will promote these two profiles among people taking part in non-formal and informal learning.

Its website is currently under construction.

Contact person: Iker Martínez de Soria


Stakeholder in charge: Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation

Target group: Young people

Rationale: In the 21st century, learning takes place almost everywhere, at all times, on all kinds of paths and at all kinds of paces. With the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen, people can access a wealth of information, analyse it, and produce new knowledge at any time. They can do this, moreover, on a "just-in-time" basis, getting the information they are most interested in, in virtually whatever format they choose. However, the way learning is currently recognized means that many of abilities are unevenly recognized or not recognized at all. There are skills, abilities and knowledge acquired outside classroom walls that lack the necessary credentials to verify what people know and can do.

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