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The European Vocational Skills Week 2019 offers a wide range of possibilities for Vocational Education.

Considering new technologies and new forms of organisation in the working world, the skills demand of employers will significantly change in the future. Not only digital skills, but also transversal skills, which are helping to deal with complexity will probably gain importance. These developments have certain consequences for employers and education providers, but they also have consequences for employees: For them, it's more important than ever to extend their skill profiles and constantly look for opportunities to educate themselves.

These developments are the wider frame for the European Vocational Skills Week, a big event which will take place from 14th to 18th October 2019. The event is organised for the 4th time by the European Commission and will include 488 events in 39 countries including Non-EU countries like Iceland or Russia. The Skills Week has the motto "Discover your talent" and has an inclusive message: Everyone is able to develop their skills and thereby increase their chances on the labour market.

The week also includes Awards for VET Excellence. The nomination phase is already over. The winners will be selected by combining the results of a jury vote and a public online vote which will start soon. The winner of the awards will be presented at a ceremony in Helsinki on 17th October 2019. For a detailled look on the categories and nominees, have a look on this webpage.

Interested in participating in one of the events? Visit the website of the week and filter the events according to your criteria. Surely there are interesting ones in your environment! If you are a representative of an education provider you may also be interesting in contributing to the event. In this case, fill out the online questionnaire to participate.

Stakeholder in charge: TU Dortmund

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